Thursday, 23 December 2010

Hans and Olaf from Bovaria

Wow! The plot thickens. Just received this email from Mike:

Hi Wooders,

I don't believe it! So there I was checking out loads of dusty old files in the 2MG Mansions basement, when I suddenly came across the attached picture. Totally up to you if you feel you'd like to use it.

Reading the background information, it appears that after Sir Reggie Droppings received the charter to set up 2MG from Queen Victoria, two members of the original team came from Bovaria. Hans and Olaf Biggiedickiesonn were sent out to investigate the Beast of Baildon Moor, but whilst nothing is mentioned as to what really happened, it appears that Hans returned to live out his days in Bovaria, whilst Olaf went to live in Sheffield. It seems that he opened a joke shop in Fulwood called Olaf A Minute!

Just as a side note, I discovered that many years later in the '60s, Sister Betty of The Holy Order of the Bearded Lady and Donkey equally tried to look into the case of the Beast of Baildon Moor, but with no success.

All amazing stuff, isn't it?


Mike ... covered in dust!

PS. Forgot to mention, I think that Olaf is the one on the right.

PPS. I was just thinking, do you think it possible that either Hans or Olaf were ever married? I couldn't find any details of a next of kin. I'll keep looking.

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