Tuesday, 14 September 2010

1st ever Two Men and a Ghost podcast!

At last. Here it is. In all its primitive audio goodness! The first ever podcast from the men (and ghost) behind Two Men and a Ghost.

We ventured forth to Bunting Nook at night in search of that which cannot be found. Then afterwards we retired to Mike's car to pick our noses, crunch a few Polo mints and record our thoughts ... and get stopped by the police twice, live on mp3.

Stream it here, or download the full 37 minutes at the bottom of this page.

Then listen in the dark under the covers at night ... if you have insomnia.

Friday, 10 September 2010

The Buddhists like our videos! (by Andrew Wooding)

Every now and then I'm going to scour YouTube for the best, most convincing and highest quality ghost videos ... then write about them here.

And speaking of the best, most convincing and highest quality ghost videos ... our own efforts (if Google is to be believed) have been cropping up in the most unlikely of places.

One such place is the Buddhist Clips website. Their motto is: 'to abstain from bad action, to do good and to purify the mind', and to promote these noble aims, they've included some of our fine, uplifting and purifying videos for the edification of Buddhists around the world.

Just type twomenandaghost into the search engine on their home page (and do the same for the other fine websites listed below).

The World News site, as well as reporting on matters of peace, international politics and social justice, has included videos of Mike with Marmite smeared on his face and close-ups of his green plastic lizard.

Formula1 movies does just what it says on the tin ... mostly. Alongside countless exciting videos of Grand Prix races and other breathtaking tournaments, there's me and Mike pootling up the Stocksbridge bypass in the dark and getting completely lost. Maybe they included it as an example of how not to drive?

Finally, there's Klub Site (Football Club Videos Online). It promises the 'best football club videos', so why do they also include our ghost hunting exploits? Simple. Our videos are a load of balls.