Wednesday, 26 May 2010

2MG's fabulous 1st birthday competition!

Rejoice with us! Today marks the first anniversary of our debut blog post. Yes, back in the distant past of 26th May, 2009, we uploaded the breathless account of our very first adventure: our frenzied attempt to track down the so-called mad monk of Stocksbridge. You can experience the original post here, but the gist of the whole sorry story is summed up in the brand, spanking new comic strip above.

It's been a fun year of ghost hunting for us. We've frozen our socks off at various locations throughout Sheffield, gone and got some new socks at Primark, nearly been arrested in the woods at night, been seriously distracted in the basement of Sheffield Central Library, told our stories on radio stations worldwide, secured a regular feature in the nationally distributed Haunted magazine, dabbled in the vast and scary world of YouTube, and we've indulged in more Haribo Mix than you can shake a Diet Coke at.

But we still haven't found a ghost!

And that's where you come in...

If we haven't seen any ghosts, maybe you have. Send your own personal ghost account to and the best story received by the end of June will be turned into a newspaper-style comic strip, just like the one above, and published on this very blog. You will also receive the original artwork in the post, signed by Two Men (but not a Ghost).

If you're in luck, you may also receive a lovingly handled pack of Haribo Mix, but without the red and white ones ('cause I like those).

Thursday, 20 May 2010

2MG hit the newsstands with Haunted magazine

2MG are proud to announce that our ghost hunting misadventures round Sheffield will now be a regular feature in the fun, glossy Haunted magazine, a sort of paranormal version of Loaded. 2MG's Mike Kazybrid has also provided a colourful 'summer special' cover for the latest issue (number 3) hot off the press.

Haunted comes out six times a year, and from issue number 5 will be available in WH Smith's. But to grab a copy of 2MG's debut in this great new publication, go to the official Haunted website and click the Subscription link. They also have a page on Facebook.

It's £4 for the new issue, or £8 for this issue and the three previous ones (it started with issue 0), or £16 for a year's subscription starting with the new issue, and you get the three previous issues thrown in, so that's nine issues for £16. Bargain!

Haunted magazine promotes sCare in the Community. Remember: don't be normal and natural. Be paranormal and supernatural!

Reggie Droppings Endorses Two Men and a Ghost