Saturday, 29 January 2011

Live podcast from Hagg Hill

You've read about our adventures on Hagg Hill before (see here).

Well, not content with our written account, we decided to return to the scene of the crime and record a live podcast really late at night (it was nearly 10 o'clock!). Did we finally find the hag of Hagg Hill, or did we just chat about her bloomers?

Find out by streaming the podcast up there, downloading the full 43¾ minutes at the bottom of this page, or subscribing to us on iTunes.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

The first 2MG podcast of 2011

Yup. Finally! It's the first 2MG podcast of 2011.

The guys behind Two Men and a Ghost look back, look forward, and look strange. Includes exclusive audio of their nocturnal excursion to haunted Beauchief Abbey. Whew!

You can stream the podcast up there, download the full 27½ minutes at the bottom of this page, or subscribe to us on iTunes.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Happy 2nd day of 2011!

We're so considerate here at 2MG. We decided to wait until the avalanche of New Year's Greetings died down before conveying our own best wishes for 2011.

It's nothing to do with the fact that we forgot to post this yesterday ... nosiree ... not us...